Strategic Assessment Saves Organization From a Costly Decision

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Sometimes value is not just measured in financial terms. A savings of time, energy, effort, and frustration is often more valuable to a busy staff. And most associations know what we mean when we talk about “busy.” Events, board meetings, online education, membership renewals, recruitment – some staff wear many hats and that is certainly […]

Why Custom is Cuckoo

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enSYNC has been in the business of software service and development for 20 years. In that time, association management systems have evolved from clunky LAN-based software with DOS code interfaces to online, web-based portals that are member-facing and accessible to staff from anywhere anytime. Yet still we hear of organizations attempting to create and develop […]

enSYNC Co-Founder Receives the NiUG John Howarth Award

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  (Sept. 27, 2016 – Baltimore) Mark Jones, CAE, is the latest recipient of the John Howarth Memorial Award, bestowed today at the National iMIS User’s Group meeting in Baltimore. This award recognizes those individuals, who through their passion, persistence, optimism, and grace under pressure, distinguish themselves in service to the iMIS community, represent the mission […]

Print and Post: A Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

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Many of us use or Adobe Spark to create graphics and images for our social media accounts. Their easy-to-use interfaces have revolutionized the digital marketer’s world (especially for communicators in associations who often wear two or three hats). But still, there are those times when I need to create graphics from scratch, using my […]

Survey Provides Details on Perpetual Payment Plans

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This spring, enSYNC Corporation embarked on a study to find out how associations and nonprofits were using recurring dues and installment plans to collect dues and donations from their members. Today that study is published and it shows that a fair number of organizations are adopting perpetual payment models to engage their members and improve […]

Are You Marketing Like It’s 1999?

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Rethinking Marketing Communications for Associations Perhaps nothing has changed as much in recent years as the marketing communications functions in our associations. Yet most of us in the nonprofit world have been slower on the uptake than our colleagues in the for profit world. The facts are these: people are very good at tuning out irrelevant […]