iMIS is an Association Management System (AMS), a software platform that helps membership and fundraising organizations reach their potential, developed by Advanced Solutions International

It's Not Your Daddy's iMIS

It's time you took another look. If you think you know the iMIS Association Management System, think again, because what you know of iMIS-past has all changed. Just like Dads have changed over the years.

Good Old Dad.

Trustworthy. Dependable. Always there for you. Doing what needs to be done. Never lets you down.

Kind of like iMIS. It's been the go-to AMS software for years. And that hasn't changed, except iMIS is now just like . .

Fun New Dad!

Contemporary and competent. Able and action-oriented. Does "Dad" even better; Dad to the 20th power. 

And iMIS 20 does "iMIS" even better. Graphical. User-defined. Fun and easy to use. Cost-effective and cloud-based. Continuous improvement that brings more tools to market faster.

So we ask again: have you looked at iMIS lately?

It’s not like the Dad you remember. The functionality, the built-in tools, the user interface are better than ever in iMIS 20. Why use sales and CRM platforms that have been repurposed for associations when iMIS puts the nonprofit perspective first. Impressive member/donor tracking is there. Cloud-based convenience is there -- from any device, any time. Member self-service, mobile options, automation, dashboards, engagement tracking is all there. There’s 25 years of nonprofit heart and soul in this product and your organization can benefit.

For Membership Organizations


Get at-a-glance info from member dashboards

Member profile gives snapshot of activity

Responsive websites that pull info from database

  • Automatic upgrades – and the use of restful APIs so as not to interfere with your upgrade path
  • Automatic setup of recurring dues/donations to promote perpetual memberships
  • Send your bulk emails right out of iMIS using customized templates
  • Dashboard and engagement metrics
  • Mapping the member journey
  • Scheduling triggered emails/reports to be sent automatically
  • Responsive website for member connections anywhere, any time on any device. 
  • RISE CMS – built right in to the system, including quick start sites

Dashboards available in an array of chart types

Get alerts so you can take action immediately

Customize common reports at your fingertips

For Fundraising Organizations

Moves management lets you follow donors

  • Campaign management
  • Incentive Gifts
  • Friendraising
  • Moves management
  • Tracking source codes

Fully custom reports allow you to keep on top

So don't sit there like an old grandma. If you're looking for an AMS/CMS/CRM all rolled into one, call us for heaven sakes.

Josh Kozinski

enSYNC Corporation


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Do I hear you saying: "I know iMIS, but who's enSYNC?"

enSYNC is an iMIS Solution Provider, one of the best in the country. In fact, we're an ASI premier partner. We implement iMIS software in organizations just like yours, with ninja-like precision.

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